About Jungle Love Music and Arts Festival

Jungle Love is a boutique music and arts festival experience established in 2014 held in the picturesque Mary Valley region in South East Queensland. Every act is handpicked for their ability to excite lovers of music and art, not because of where they sit on the charts. Each year we pick a one of a kind soundtrack to accompany you as you float down stream and soak up nature’s untamed beauty.

What makes the festival so special is that everyone involved, from the crew, to the artists, to the patrons, we’re all on the same page and we all get the need for a shared experience like this. Once a year, we all gather for the annual pilgrimage, to take a step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; to step outside of the digital world that consumes us and be a part of a wholesome, inclusive gathering to share priceless moments with old friends and friends we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet.

Jungle Love is truly a place to be free, but even the most life-affirming festival experiences don’t come without individual responsibility. It is not a place to spectate, but to participate. This isn’t just about taking part in the range of workshops we have on offer or being part of one of our dance classes. It’s about helping neighbours set up camp and jump starting their cars, it’s about taking part in random shenanigans that pop up out of the ether and it’s about looking out for each other and the environment.

It is important to recognise how much we appreciate nature’s gifts and showcase that actions do indeed speak louder than words by ensuring that when we all leave to go home on the Sunday that this piece of paradise on which we celebrate are left in the same, if not even better condition, than which we found them. Every year we undertake more and more initiatives to move towards a zero-waste festival. But more importantly, it is what you can do individually such as rethinking what you bring to the festival, carpooling to reduce emissions and being conscious about waste on site and making sure you place the right things in the right bins that will help us get there.

Voluntary participation is what drives this event. There would be absolutely zero chance of it happening if it wasn’t for the collective voluntary efforts from everyone involved in organising, building and managing the event. We pour ourselves over every meticulous detail, constantly thinking and adapting to ensure that we deliver the best and safest experience. It is not a commercially viable event and any funds collected from tickets sold go directly back into the event. At the heart of it, Jungle Love is a festival powered by love. That may sound a little cheesy, but truer words could be seldom said, for we all put our hearts and souls into it because we’re alive here and now for what is just a blip in time in the grand scheme of things, and what could be more important than creating something to bring more love into this world while we have this opportunity?

If you’re reading this and it sounds like what you’ve been hoping for then we cordially invite you to bring your best self. Just remember that capacity is limited to 2000 ticket holders, only a small amount of growth from previous years to ensure maximum comfort and safety for all attending.