Alisha Todd sitting in a forest holding her mouth with her guitar in the forefront of the photo.

Alisha Todd

From her humble beginnings being raised on country and 90’s pop in small-town Gympie to far-reaching European explorations of getting lost to be found, Alisha’s music to has traveled and evolved in time to be the inspiring nuggets of unconditional encouragement needed while on the endless pursuit of happiness. Her sound is a mix of angelic vocal arrangements with lyrics focussing on the beauty of humans and nature alike, similar to (Rainbow Queen of the North) AURORA, mixed with quirky bedroom production similar to Maggie Rogers and a touch of Australian twang creeps its way in, like our well-loved Missy Higgins.

As a solo artist or alongside her second musical project, Volcanic Lovers, Alisha has played some of the regions favourite Music and Arts festivals - Jungle Love, Falls Festival, Caloundra Music Festival, Bello Winter Music and Mullum Music Festival - and opened shows for some of the East Coast's favourite artists - Tim Freedman, Wild Marmalade, Band Of Frequencies, Hot Potato Band and Cheap Fakes.