Boss Moxi in a black and white style photo with a cartoon image of a man choking in the middle of the image.

Boss Moxi

Known for teeing their expertly crafted music with heavily stylised visual content that makes for a multi-sensory, immersive experience, Boss Moxi have left their mark on the stages and minds of Australian audiences since their inception in 2009. A decade deep and Boss Moxi has only scraped the surface of their uniqueness, with their sophomore, full-length studio concept album, Egotoxin set for release midyear 2020. Egotoxin is to be coupled with a 120-page graphic novel fully written and illustrated by the band’s frontman, Brayden Doig. With the narratives behind their music fuelling their ever-growing amass of content and stage shows this is a band that has stepped outside the expectations of standard performance and works tirelessly to bring each audience a show they can’t forget.