Comprised of some of Brisbane's truly finest musicians and also incorporating guests from around the country, Church don't have any songs as such, everything you hear is all made up on the fly.
Touted by many as their highlight of last year, we just had to get this powerhouse group back to take on the late night duties, jamming into the early hours for those who just aren't ready to go to bed yet. Expect it to be bigger and better this year with more guests.
There'll be opportunities for members of the audience to join them on stage, but beware, this isn't for beginners to have a go. Church are the kind of musicians that have done thousands of hours of focussed practice, so you've got to cut the mustard to stay up there. Once again it will be hosted by the legendary Ofa Fanaika (Chocolate Strings, Captain Dreamboat). We can wait to see what these guys pluck from the ether.