The two members of Dreamtimin jamming on stage.  One DJing with a bucket hat on the other in overalls and a black t-shirt playing the didgeridoo.


Dreamtimin is a new age collaboration of family and cultural connections shared between cousins Harley James and Jaden Briggs. Blending Harleys skills as a long time resident Dj mixing in afro house indigenous dreamtime beats, traditional language, and stories accompanied by Jaden playing live on the Yidaki (didgeridoo) 

Proud Gunai/Kurnai, Yorta-yorta, Taungurung boys. Proudly raised by our great great grandmother and grandmother's cultures. 

It's our passion to keep and share our family's ancient culture, stories, and languages alive by sharing our music in the 21st century blending the old ways with the new