Droptor Seuss in an opened Hawaiian shirt, wearing sunglasses and a lea smiling at the camera.

Droptor Seuss

Droptor Seuss gives audiences a chance to dance on the edge of the earth through his distinct electronic world music sets. Two parts Balkan bangers, one part West African infused mash with just a peppering of reggaeton and a heart helping of four to the floor filth and you’ve got a Droptor Suess special that will have butts dropping lower than Tibetan throat singers.

After a debut set at Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival in 2018, and cutting his mixing teeth at Ari Arthouse on the moist streets of Bangkok, Droptor Seuss returned to Australian shores to continue his meteoric rise in the Northern festival circuit. His 2018 tour continued with Wonky Queenslander events, Jungle Love Festival and Bohemian Beatfreaks before returning to ‘Rabbits’ where it all began in Easter 2019. The ‘Droptor’ recently played Brisbane’s Kurilpa Debry, supported Hello Tut Tut for their 'Bay of Kotor' single launch in October (MEL) and returned to Bohemian Beatfreaks Festival in November 2019. He started off 2020 with a B2B set with World Music mixtress Rahel at Doofers Daycare in Brisbane and comes to Jungle Love 2020 with a fresh serving of Tribal bounce, Yemeni-funk and Afro-tech house.