Camping, Travel and other info

Take the shuttle bus and reduce your carbon footprint. It's also a safer way to get home on Sunday when you're fatigued. Bus fares are available at cost price. Limited seats available  All cars traveling to the site will need to purchase a vehicle pass.

Jungle Love is in Imbil, Queensland in the Mary Valley region, close to the Sunshine Coast.

Traveling by Car

​It takes roughly 2.5 hours on a good day from Brisbane to the site and about 70 minutes from Nambour.

You will need to purchase a car pass. Just one needed per vehicle. The idea is to encourage carpooling and you’ll save money in the end by sharing fuel costs and impact the environment less.

Cars will NOT be allowed in the campsite. This is a new thing and we know it’s not as convenient, but for safety and comfort we felt it was important to make this the norm from now on. Don’t worry, it’ll just take a short time adjusting to this and it’ll mean we can create an even better festival.

If you want to camp in your car, you will need to purchase a caravan pass. Camping cars and campervans will be in a separate field to other campers but will be closeby. You’ll be able to go to other campsites and friends will be able to go to yours.

Car passes and Caravan Passes can be purchased via our ticketing page HERE

Traveling by Bus

We have buses to the festival travelling from Bowen Hills in Brisbane, stopping at Nambour station on the way. By taking the bus you’ll reduce your carbon footprint even more and you’ll have a safer journey home on Sunday when you’re fatigued.
Seats are limited and available at cost price so you’ll need to book in quick. Bus tickets can be booked via our ticketing page HERE

Buses to the Festival from Brisbane via Nambour

Thursday: 12pm (stopping at Nambour at 1.15pm)
Thursday: 4pm (stopping at Nambour at 5.30pm)
Friday: 9am (stopping at Nambour at 10.15am)

Buses back to Brisbane via Nambour

Sunday: 12pm (stopping at Nambour at 1.30pm)

Tent City Camping

If you want the luxury of not having to set up a tent or pack it down at the end of the festival and also have the peace of mind knowing your tent is fully waterproof then book a tent through Tent City. You can book via Tent City's website HERE