An Even Better Festival

Each year the festival has seen an evolution far more unreal than the previous and this year we’ve made improvements to all of the areas that you asked for and also made the best stuff even better.

Each of the main stages will have some serious shade coverage over the dancefloor areas, making it much more comfortable to enjoy bands during the day time. We’ve got some amazing acts from the moment the stages start as well.

We are introducing large toilet blocks in each campsite in the festival grounds with round the clock cleaners with the aim to keep queues right down and keep them comfortable. Fellas, make sure you use the urinals. It’s time to stop going bush as it ends up in the waterways and is really bad for local wildlife.

There will be several more water stations located throughout the site with water bubblers as well when you just need a sip. Remember to bring lots of containers to keep water in. Bring more than enough so that you can give one to a neighbour if they’ve forgotten to bring some.

Our recycling program is getting a massive overhaul this year with dedicated sustainability crew working round the clock to ensure that all recyclable materials are sent to the right places. Separate bins for waste and recycling will all throughout site and sorted through before being sent to recycling centres and landfill. Help the crew out by taking the time to ensure you use the right bins. We will hand out black bags for waste and green bags for recycling so let’s all agree to be conscious about recycling.
There will also be composting stations for food waste so be sure to put food scraps in there and if you want to take some home with you then please do.

We’ve added in even more lighting to make the site easier to navigate in the evenings.

Food will be even more readily available throughout site with more food options made available by the main stages.

The weather isn’t always predictable and we’ve been pretty lucky over the years apart from the Saturday in 2016 when a relentless storm came through. This year we’ve upgraded our main stages so that in the rare event that we have a repeat of that day, the stages are robust enough to allow the show to go on.

Then there’s the lineup. We get pretty excited every year about the lineup, but this year in particular, woweeeee. Some of you are probably reading this thinking “I don’t know anyone who’s playing” and that’s part of the idea. We just feel particularly about what we’ve put together this year that it will be by far the best one yet. We’ve got some incredible international artists as well as some from interstate and our local lineup is the cream of the crop.

We’ve also made the Thursday night an official part of the festival where we’ll open the main stage on Thursday afternoon. It’s not a soft opening night with acts like Willow Beats and Kallidad playing. We’re kicking it off with a bang and it will be super nice to have everyone together for the night before we all go on our own path as the festival becomes ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ from Friday morning.

Travel arrangements are much easier this year if you don’t have a car as we have introduced shuttle bus services going from Brisbane, through Nambour to the festival and back again on Sunday. Bus tickets can be bought from our ticketing page HERE

You can also hire a pre-erected tent through Tent City and they’re also waterproof. Book HERE