Fancy Dress Saturday! -- Trash to Treasure

Unsure of what to do with that hand-me-down dress gathering dust in your wardrobe? Grandma won’t stop asking why you aren’t wearing that floral button-up she sewed you for Christmas? Well tell her you’ll be turning "Trash to Treasure" with some Jungle Lovin’ this year. We challenge you to come in your most bright and beautiful get-up without having to purchase anything brand new! Spruce it up with some bio glitter and strut your stuff around the festival. 

We’ll be picking the best dressed on Saturday night at the main stage - the winner scoring a double pass to next year’s festival!

This theme permeates through all preparations for the festival. We hope that you really consider what you can use second hand before buying anything new. That cheap tent you've been thinking about buying for the occasion is almost certainly going to end up in landfill before too many outings, and you can probably get a really decent one pretty cheap on Gumtree, or better, borrow it off a relative and return it. Just for one weekend at least, let's give it our best and see what can come of it.