Nov 29, Nov 30 and Dec 1. 
No single day tickets available, only weekend passes.


It's in a secret new location in the Sunshine Coast hinterlands. Yes, there is most definitely still water for swimming

I’ve bought a ticket but can no longer come. Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket?

All sales are final and we can’t offer refunds for changes of plans. You can transfer your ticket very easily though. You'll be able to change the name on your ticket through Eventbrite.
If you have any problems with ticketing, please contact support@eventbrite.com.au

Do I have to print my ticket or can I have it on my phone?

Using your phone to display the ticket is fine; HOWEVER, the mobile reception on site is woeful so make sure you download your tickets BEFORE YOU ARRIVE.

What's the earliest we can arrive?

8am on Thursday Nov 29

Can we stay on the Sunday night after the festival ?

No sorry, everyone needs to leave the festival site by midday on Sunday as the whole thing turns into a construction site and there will be machinery moving around.

If you want to chill out a bit longer, consider staying at the Borumba Deer Park in Imbil where we held Jungle Love from 2015 - 2017. www.borumbadeerpark.com

How much alcohol can we bring?

We don’t have a definition but we’re saying “a reasonable amount”. The idea of BYO was never to make it a boozefest but to keep it affordable and give that extra element of freedom to punters. You’ll have way more fun if you don’t overdo it. We also have a number of licensed bars on site so you can enjoy ice cold beers and fresh summer cocktails if warm festival beers aren't your thing! 
Now remember, NO GLASS. Zip, zilch, zero! We have to search cars and we have to confiscate any which pains us to do. Please plan ahead and don’t bring any.

Is it all ages?

No. Strictly 18+. ID will be checked upon entry.
Anyone under 18 will be denied entry.

Are there hot showers?

Yisss. There are a total of 16 hot showers. Expect queues in the mornings til early afternoon. 

Can I bring my pets?

Sorry, your furry friends will have to stay at home.

What food is available on site?

We have five main food vendors as well as snacks, sweet and coffee. There’ll be no need to pack any food if you can’t be bothered.

What time does the music go till?

1am each night with some chilled after party stuff happening after hours.
We'd love to go later but we have to be considerate of the neighbours who kindly put up with us

Can I camp next to my car?

Yes, we've simplified things by making so that people can camp with their vehicle again. You will need to purchase a vehicle pass. One per vehicle. Please carpool and aim to have at least 3 to 4 people in your car to reduce overall travel emissions and help us to save space. Motorcycles do not require a vehicle pass.

Can I bring a caravan?

Yes you can; but you will need to purchase a large vehicle camping pass from our website. And please make sure you're not the only person staying in the caravan. Space is limited on site and we need people to camp together.

What’s mobile reception like on site?

Look, it's not great, but that's a good thing. We recommend properly embracing the time to be able to disconnect. Take some photos while you've got battery on your phone but otherwise switch of your mobile data altogether and enjoy the freedom of not having to be online for just a few days, it's a rare opportunity to truly be in the moment.

Will there be one day passes available?

Very sorry, but no one day passes will be available. We recognise that this is a bugger for many. The reason that we don’t offer one day passes is because the Jungle Love experience is two to two and a half days long. The campsite becomes a community for the weekend and the carefree vibes work as a catalyst for human interaction. You wake up in the morning after the first night and you see your neighbours who you were tearing up the d-floor with and wave them g’day and chat about how good “x” band was. That’s what we want for Jungle Love. Having a whole bunch of people coming and going throughout just wouldn’t be right for this eutopia.

Is there anything else I should know?

Jungle Love runs along the glorious Yabba Creek which you can swim in. To minimise impact on the environment, please don’t swim within 45 mins of putting on sunscreen as it comes straight off. Please also only use plant based glitter if you are going to put any on at all. Little tiny pieces of plastic going into the waterways is not what we want.

Is camping included in the ticket price?

Yes, camping is included for both nights of the festival as well as the night before it begins (Thurs Nov 29 from 12pm)

Is there an ATM on site?

Rejoice! Yes, there will be ATMs on site. Bring enough cash to begin with though and use the ATMs if you need a little more.

Can I bring a generator

No generators are allowed. It's just one weekend without all the luxuries, embrace it :)

Are there bags of ice for sale on site?

Yes, we will have bags of ice to sell on site.

My friend sold me their ticket but it still has their name on it, is that okay?

No, they'll need to go onto Eventbrite and change the name and email address on the ticket to you. We will be checking IDs against tickets at the gate.
If you have any issues with changing the name, email support@eventbrite.com.au

Do I need a vehicle pass for a motorbike?

Nope, you're an exception :)