A Greener Festival

Jungle Love says it all, Love and nature. The site at Imbil is truly stunning with its rainforest neighbour and the creek that flows along the whole festival, and it really inspires a love for the natural world. As the festival heads towards a more sustainable future, both the festival and the partying patrons that come along have the opportunity to do their bit towards preserving this amazing site.

Leave No Trace

This policy promotes a sustainable and people powered waste management initiative. The principle of this policy is basic:

What you bring to the festival, take it away with you! It may sound simple, but the greatest proportion of waste generated at festivals globally is what's left behind when everybody leaves. Further more, if rubbish is left on site rather than brought home with you to be recycled/ tossed at home, it has to travel in a big skip half the distance back to Brisbane, creating even more emissions!

So, clean up after yourself at your campsite, pick up some rubbish around the festival so it doesn't end up in the Creek, and take your rubbish home! 

Improving Recycling and Waste Reduction

Each year we’ve made improvements to make the festival more sustainable. This year we are kicking things into overdrive with a much more comprehensive sustainability program.

Recycling bins will be placed throughout the site with a dedicated crew leading a recycling team to thoroughly sort through and ensure that all recyclables are sent to the right recycling centres. Please help them out by making sure you put everything in the correct bins.

All plates and cutlery served by food vendors will be compostable. If you’d like to take some compost home with you, take some from the compost piles on Sunday before you leave.

On top of these initiatives we’ve introduced a car pass fee. This is to encourage as many people as we can to carpool. The biggest impact a festival has on the environment is the travel to and from the site. Let’s all aim to have at least three people or more per car and we’ll significantly reduce our impact on the environment and everyone saves money by sharing fuel costs.

There are also buses travelling from Brisbane through Nambour to the site and back which has even less of a carbon footprint per passenger. Bus tickets can be bought on our ticketing page.

This is really just the beginning. We pledge to become a 100% sustainable festival in the future.

These efforts aside, we must emphasize loud and clearly that we are a LEAVE NO TRACE festival. We encourage to be conscious about how much waste you produce at the festival and do everything you can to minimise it. Even if you've never thought about doing this before, now's the time to give it a serious effort. We must say that we are very pleased that over the years we haven't had one single tent left behind in the campsites. That's pretty much unheard of at festivals so huge kudos to all of you, let's keep it up!

Creating a more sustainable festival is a team effort. We can do this together!