Mandala Yoga Workshop - Think, Feel, Create, Practice

Mandala Yoga workshop for awakening, healing and nourishing your spiritual journey, transcending the physical and emotional energy within the body to feel complete and whole exactly as you are. During this workshop you will be taken on a journey exploring the 7 main chakras within the subtle body. The guided meditation and playful mandala paintings will be physically connecting us to each chakra and will transport us to gain a deeper meaning and understanding to integrate a more balanced life. We can cultivate a connection to each chakra from the crown to the root by tapping into these sensations, slowing things down, listening to the stillness, where do you hold on and where do you let go?

Finishing with a gentle yoga flow class to highlight these gentle energy centers within the body, we will discover our unique challenges and strengths and this will allow us to tune into the subtle energies within our physical and emotional bodies. You will instinctively use these colourful foundations to create a profound sense of awakening your soul as you align, rejuvenate and marinate in the vibrational energy of the 7 main chakras throughout the festival to form the strongest connection with your highest self. Life can be a celebration of vibrations, sensations, colours and experiences.