Painted picture of Anna Carlson

Anna Carlson

Reimagining solidarity: Mapping Complicity and Liberation through collage, conversation and collaborative creation

What is solidarity? What does it mean to stand in solidarity with the struggles of others? How do we find common ground without erasing or flattening the differences between us? What does solidarity require of us? And what does it mean to be “in solidarity” when we are not merely bystanders to other struggles, but actually benefit from and help maintain the very systems of oppression that they resist?

In this workshop, we use collage, illustration and zine-making as a medium for some messy, critical, unending conversations about power, political identities, liberation and solidarity. Together, we reflect on the relationship between our own, politically-constituted identities (in all their diversity!) and ideas of solidarity, liberation and collective struggle. 

Together, we will think politically about how our identities are produced and reproduced through particular systems of power. Using frameworks of accountability and responsibility drawn from abolitionist practice, we wonder: it possible to find possibilities for liberatory, loving solidarity without reproducing binary ideas of 'good' and 'bad', 'innocent' and 'guilty', 'virtuous' or 'oppressive', 'complicit' or 'resistant'?