Silhouette of federica caso, performer

Federica Caso

Federica is a political analyst, writer, and mover.  She specialises on the politics of the body and studies the body in movement and will be facilitating two offerings for the queer space.

Contact Improvisation
Using tools of contact improvisation we explore safe and creative ways to come into contact, be in contact, and leave contact. Prepare to be immersed in an embodied discovery of connecting with oneself and others.
Queer Visibility
Latched onto LGBTI rights campaigns, queerness has recently gained visibility. On the one hand, this has meant that queer practices are more readily accepted and have become, so to speak, less queer. Queer visibility inevitably involves negotiating identities and practices with mainstream society. In this process, something is gained, while something else is lost. The gains have been debated at length: rights, acceptance, influence, and ultimately less violence towards queer bodies. You are invited to reflect on what we lose when we make ourselves visible.