Village of Thunder

presents the
'Shack of the Devil's Apple'

Climb the heights and plumb the depths with sonic butoh troupe THEATRE OF THUNDER and FRIENDS  at the 'Shack of the Devil's Apple'.


From 12pm - 12am Thursday, Friday and Saturday enter the VILLAGE OF THUNDER gateway and be body anointed.. by a 'welcoming party'. Join Megan at midday for Oki-do Yoga..  a ritual  of sound, stretching & pummeling. 

Seek sanctuary in a shady shelter.. whilst ambient and soulful sounds melt minds and hearts all afternoon with soloists: SANFELIU, DORIAN and WIREMU.  

Be enfolded in the  'Origami of Thunder' workshop with the gami-goddess.. and be caressed by a Parachute Playground as the orange bodies swarm and the kite entities entice. 

Roll up and join 'Mysterius Doctor Mercurius' and friends in a magical procession from the river to the mythical 'Village of Thunder'. Cross the ocean of chaos aboard a ship of fools, dancing, singing to the hallowed.. hybrid.. goddess.. whilst warding off the spirits of self-consciousness as they go..  
all bodies welcome!  

At dusk.. listen out for the big fat drums.. with 
UQ-TAIKO.. setting off! an eruption! from the 'Shack of the Devil's Apple' with a shuddering riot of glitz, claws and gesticulation.. that is THEATRE OF THUNDER.. clad with horn and bell coiffures.. amidst a smouldering and radiant haze.. a butoh sonic sub-species is born.. in league with the hallowed horse goddess.. in the arms of the fallen sonic angel. 

Deep into the night be moved.. morphed and mesmerised by pop ullulations and renegade soundscapes by KING COLOSSUS, ENKIDU,  
DJ Überünter and HHAARRPP 

and so much more


Curated by body installation artist 
Megan Janet White (HAIKU Arts / TOT) 

Invited artists: atmospheric sculptor Matt Dabrowski and the Many Hands of Glamour, sonic-body artist James Scott, the infamous TOT Stormbodies, fallen sonic angel Luke Jaaniste (HHAARRPP), installation artist Michelle Vine, Gami-goddess Lara Virtue and special guest musicians / artists including Sanfeliu, Dorian, Wiremu, King Colossus, Mysterius Doctor Mecurius, Enkidu and Überünter. Visual Artists:  
Amy Davidson, Adam Southgate; photographer Krystal Beazley and film maker Chris Brady.