Concept, costumery, choreo : Megan Janet White 

Sound : Luke Jaaniste 

Sonic-body instruments : James Scott 

Atmospheric sculpture : Matt Dabrowski 

Stormbodies : Megan Janet White, James Scott, Alice Gittins, Saki Kusuyama, Jessica Lam, Yarran Jenkins, Lara Kelly, David Hayes. 


At dusk.. the 'Shack of the Devil's Apple' erupts with THEATRE OF THUNDER: a shuddering riot of glitz, claws and gesticulation.. amidst a smouldering and radiant haze.. a butoh sub-species is born.. clad with horn and bell coiffures.. in league with the hallowed horse goddess.. in the arms of the fallen sonic angel. 


James Scott has crafted strange instruments which integrate the breath and physicality of the dancer without sacrificing the body’s potential for mobile expression. Drawing inspiration from the Carnyx, an iron age war-horn of the Celtic tribes, and the bell adorned bodies of the Wilder Mann of European cultures, he has created the sonic body, a concept that has been a long term pipe-dream for the Theatre of Thunder team.