Village of Thunder

The Village of Thunder intertwines dance and body installation with immersive sound as well as an atmospheric landscape. Raw and ambient sound propels the body into a state of poetic rupture and transmutation. As a part of the Theater of Thunder, it shows a sonic-body collaboration co-directed by Luke Jaaniste and Megan Janet White, involving a team of Brisbane sound, space and movement makers.

The Village of Thunder loves to work in the shadowy, disintegrating, in-between and unbounded spaces in the urban fabric, indoors and outside.

The Theater of Thunder began in mid 2015 as the fusion of the aesthetics of Thunder Cloud (a noise-drone project by Luke Jaaniste) and Theatre of Renegade Yogi and TOR Butoh (a butoh-yoga performative project led by Megan Janet White), later adding the ethereal installation of Many Hands of Glamour (Matt Dabrowski) to the crew of around a dozen creatives.


From 12pm - 12am climb the heights and plumb the depths with sonic butoh troupe THEATRE OF THUNDER and friends at the 'Shack of the Devil's Apple'.  Be initiated by a 'welcome party' at the VILLAGE OF THUNDER gateway. Join afternoon workshops in Oki-do yoga and Origami.. Seek sanctuary in the shade whilst soulful sonics pour forth from the shack. Join a roving procession from the river to Horse Hill, followed by UQ TAIKO  and 'Theatre of Thunder' who erupt at dusk.. Be carried deep into the night by renegade soundscapes.