Jungle Love Festival Donations Register

Dear Jungle Love community,

We're seeking donations for various materials. Being a BYO, non commercial, not for profit event, from time to time we have to lean on you all a little bit to help us create the best festival ever for everyone, all while keeping within a budget. And what better way to reduce our impact on the planet than to reuse materials that were destined for the tip?

If you have anything in your house that you no longer require (and it's still in reasonably good nick), please register it in our form below with a nice snap and we'll be in touch.

Below is our wishlist of items we are looking for, just to we the whistle. We have no expectations though, if we can get just some of it then that would be awesome!

Donate to Jungle Love

It would be huge help if you could drop it round to us in Brisbane (we're in the office most days plugging away so come drop in for a cuppa!) otherwise, we'll be able to come to you and pick it up, just let us know.

We're seeking any of the following:

  • Clean rugs (for our jam stage seating area)
  • Cushions
  • Single bed frames (super sturdy ones only please - for seating in our jam space)
  • Bunk bed frames (even sturdier than single bed frames)
  • Bicycles (to add to our communal bike collection)
  • Fabrics and textiles (for flags, drapery and decor)
  • Building materials (timber, ply, nails, screws etc)
  • Furniture
  • Fairy lights
  • Milk crates (they make great seats)
  • Candlelabras (for decor)
  • Tea cups and saucers (for our tea party!)
  • Doilies (your grandmother might have a few laying around, for the tea party)
  • Table cloths (for the tea party)
  • Fire drums
  • Bamboo (preferably long and thick pieces we can use for building)
  • Mirrors (for artist change rooms)
  • Wooden clothes hangers
  • Towels (they come in handy wiping up stages if we get rain
  • Bedding (to offer our touring artists)
  • Random decorative pieces (it could be anything - if you think it could look cool somewhere, please let us know)
  • Lamps (for decor and mood lighting)
  • Coat stands (for decor and for artists)
  • Pianos (we can look at picking these up with a tilt lift truck)
  • Old B+W TVs (for an art installation)
  • IBCs (1000L Water drums for storing drinking water)
  • Pallets (they have about a million uses)
  • Astro turf
  • Massage tables (so we can treat the artists who rock the show!)
  • Queer related books (for our LGBTIQA+ space)
  • Office supplies (scissors, pens, rulers, staplers etc for boring office admin stuff)
  • White boards (they're just handy for planning a festival)
  • Hi-vis vests
  • Lighting (after all sorts - we'll test and tag)
  • Electrical leads (bzzzzz)
  • Bird cages (for decor)
  • Hammocks
  • Ratchets and straps
  • Hessian
  • Star pickets
  • Corflute (scrap corflute is great for signage)
  • Tarps
  • Rope
  • Side tables (for holding beverages in the jam space)
  • Wooden coffee tables
  • Old telelphones (decorative)
  • Strong buckets (to hold water so we can put out campfires each morning)
  • Phone booth (anyone have one of these just casually in their garage?)
  • Clocks (preferably classic looking ones)
  • Paints (to paint stuff)
  • Paint brushes (to paint stuff)
  • Board games
  • Badminton net, racquets, shuttlecocks (for a bit of leisurely wholesome daytime activity)
  • Table tennis (see above)
  • Croquet (see table tennis)
  • Marquees
  • Trailer (to help get materials to site)
  • Golf buggy for hire (for Mama Jen to drive around looking after people)
  • Mannequins (decor)